Lunch bag mania

Recently, Shay (my sister), introduced me to a blog called Design Sponge (link is below) with a request to make one of their crafty ideas for her. I tried to make it (with my own modifications because I didnt like their pattern) and it turned out really well. As mentioned previously, I am going to start a store on Etsy soon and this will be one of the things I am going to make and attempt to sell. This is just the protoype design but I plan to make at least 3 different styles to start out with. I dont have any good names for it so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.
This is the front. The buttons are purely decoration on this side.

Then you open it up and this is what the inside looks like. It is held together by the inside buttons. The loops on the top half are for your silverware or plastic ware.

And you can fold it in half and have a place setting for your lunch. I realize that not everyone takes their lunch to work and eats with a place setting but it sure jazzes up your lunch some if you do! And it is cuter than most lunch bags you can buy at Walmart. Thanks Design Sponge and Shay for the great idea!


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