Chemcakes not Cupcakes

I am posting out of order but I wanted to take a moment and say how proud I am of my husband and to show you these awesome Chemcakes we made tonight for his presentation!! Tomorrow (Friday) is Matt’s last big presentation before he defends his thesis later this fall. He has been working hard for almost 4 years and I can be more proud. He is one of the smartest fellows I know. But anyway, enough of the sappiness. For my birthday, Katie gave me this supercool cupcake recipe book that has so many great ideas. While looking through that book, we had this fun idea to make these cupcakes. In case some of you arent as inclined to know the periodic table in depth (and why would you want to), i’ll explain. Each cupcake represents an element in the periodic table with its atomic number in the right corner and its atomic weight below the abbreviation. Also, they are all colored according to what their natural color would be at a solid state (with the exception of Ne which is neon and that is a gas). This picture doesnt do them justice because they are much cooler in person but its all I have. Matt made all the icing colors and I of course did the icing and piping. Matt was afraid to do any of that. Anyway, they are pretty nerdy to the average civilian but to a whole room of science people, they should be a hit! If you ever need a batch of Chemcakes, you know who to call πŸ™‚

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