Harry Potter Cupcakes

**Okay, my bad people!  I accidentally made blue eyes instead of green!  I dont know how I could have made that mistake but its an easy fix if you try to make them.  Just use green instead of blue…TA DA!

I made these cute cupcakes for my mom’s late birthday festivities this weekend in honor of our family movie outing to see none other than the new Harry Potter movie. Shay had sent me a pic last week of some similar cupcakes so I thought it would fun to make them.

Brown scraggly hair, blue eyes, black round glasses, and a lightning bolt scar of course!!

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Cupcakes

  1. not sure if you have found a new job yet, but i have at least one suggestion…cupcake maker!! These are too cute. you could open up a shop, Shannon’s Sweets.

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