Craftiness all around

Well I went to Waltonia with the intention of making at least two scarfs but only made one. However, it turned out well and if I dont give it away, I will keep it myself.

I wont let a little thing like the dirty river get in my way of knitting. It was too dirty for me the first day from the rain. Knitting was a better use of my time šŸ™‚

And by request of Deanna, I brought my cupcake supplies and we made an awesome cupcake creation. I got the idea from my cupcake book. The gave the idea of making a family tree with cupcakes and that is exactly what we did. We also made a cupcake cake with the river and mini replica of the cabins and landscape of Waltonia.

The whole fam…

Grandma and Grandad

Margaret (who actually isnt related but a close friend and coworker of Matt’s grandad for like 20 years. She comes to Waltonia every year).Aunt Mary

Trina (matt’s aunt) and her family

Matt’s Uncle and fam (he has one green eye and one brown eye in case you were wondering why there are two colors on there).

Andy (Matt’s other uncle), Sally and Hudson
Our family (John, Monica, Deanna, Matt, Me)

The Waltonia landscape.

Hudson helped me draw all the faces ahead of time so I could get the features right and make the glasses and things.

Us eating ourselves, which sounds creepy.

And lastly, our annual picture by the sign. Until next year….


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