randomness of sorts

Since i am still behind on all the updating, here is a compilation of our lives the last couple of weeks that would make for very short blog posts individually:

On our way home from Waltonia, we stopped at a great outlet mall in Roundrock, TX. We spent a couple of hours there and didnt even see half the mall. Matt really hit the goldmine at the Adidas store though. He bought a plethora of normally very expensive Houston Rockets and other brightly orange colored gear at a steal of a price.

As you know, orange is Matt’s second favorite color…only to yellow:

The best part of the whole outfit is that Matt got this awesome jacket that says Space City (one of Houston’s nicknames) on the front, with a Rockets logo on the back and besides that it is yellow, the inside lining is “the space”. Its pretty cheesy but awesome too!

Then, 2 weeks ago, I surprise Matt with a secret date when he got back from DC to go see Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago. We had talked about going before I got laid off then decided not to spend extra money until I got another job. And to my surprise, they still had tickets a few days before. It was a funktastic concert, as Matt called it but also interesting because it was at the Zoo Ampitheatre which we have never been to before. It is like the fair, it brings out a lot of crazies wearing lots of crazy clothes with lots of crazy haircuts!!

Unfortunately, we couldnt take our camera in so these are the only 2 pics we got. I made Matt wear a blindfold and everything but I think he kind of knew.

And then, last weekend was our 7th Annual Fantasy Football draft into the Leaugue of Ultimate Destruction! Shay got the good end of the deal but our team is not too shabby. It was a good time had by all and I finally got to try and make this guacomole football field. I thought I was going to have all this room to make every yard line, hash marks, logos, etc. But as it turns out, there wasnt even enough room to use the correct amout of football players (tomatoes) on the field. But it turned out pretty well anyway…and yes the white piping is sour cream. It kind of grossed me out to pipe sour cream instead of icing!

The destruction has already begun!!

And then this last weekend, Matt’s parents came down to visit us and we had a grand ol’ time just hanging out and relaxing. We didnt do a whole lot but play with the animals, go for walks, cook, and eat at Sophabella’s.

Lucy being really weird. She never lays like this long than about 15 seconds.

And Oreo and Lucy never get this close but never say never I guess.

And by Matt’s special request, I made him a chocolate cheesecake. It was supposed to be the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory but it wasnt quite that. It was more like a Ghiradelli Chocolate Stumpy cheesecake that was really confusing and slightly difficult to make. But he liked it a lot so that is all that matters. And in the end, it looked pretty!

Finally, here is a shot of Matt, Derek, and I dressed up as bible characters from the book of Genesis as a celebration to the last day of our 1.5 year long study in Genesis. Can you guess who we are:


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