knitting attack!

Well this weekend I was at it again with the knitting needles. Last weekend, I bought some knitting patterns for baby cocoon photo props and ordered some needles so I have been super-stoked about learning how to make some new things. I still havent received my new needles in the mail so I have only been able to make these hanging cocoons. But here is a sneak preview:
I dont have a hanging picture of this first one but you get the idea. A lot of people these days are getting these artsy, super-cute pictures of their newborns and often use pod/cocoon props like these. My friend Courtney suggested I learn how to make these and I am glad she did because they are fun and really easy to make.

I made this one also this weekend. Our first test subject will be baby Olivia later this week. I will be sure to post pics if they turn out well. Also, later this week I am going to make a Christmas/Santa themed cocoon and baby hat that would make super cute holiday pics or photographs. And you can bet I will be posting pics of those too!! I am so excited to make them šŸ™‚
And in case you were looking for a more multipurpose craft, not only are they baby photo props, they can also be homemade mullets. For those occasions when you dont have time to grow a proper mullet and need one in a hurry. Maybe I should make a whole bunch and sell them at the fair! Just kidding…that was a cheap joke!

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