New beanie/scarf combo

I hesitated to post this because this is likely a Christmas present for one of my readers but I am proud of this set and really like it so I wanted to show you all! I made it them today while watching football this afternoon and evening. My favorite is the hat because it was a pattern I thought of in my head a month or so ago and wanted to try. It actually is a variation of the pattern I want to make because of the yarn thickness but I really like it. All of the pieces are made of super soft almond colored acrylic yarn.
This buckle is for the scarf as a different option to cuffing it around your neck.


2 thoughts on “New beanie/scarf combo

  1. super cute! I love the “serious” pose. If my hubby plays ball tonight maybe I’ll come over with the dog…or maybe we can visit the Isons and take turns sitting in the car with Olivia since she is banned…not sure how to work that one.

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