Livin’ on Tulsa Time

Well, I am super behind on posts so I will attempt to do some pre-posting this weekend and catch everyone up-to-date with the Meredith fam. Anyway, two weeks ago we went to T-town to hang out with Shay and my mom. This time we stayed at Shay’s apt. She lives in the corner of a second story duplex and Lucy really enjoys hanging out in the corner and talking to all the people, dogs, cats, squirrels and anything that walks by. (I really like this picture of Lucy)
…and so does Sampson (Shay’s dog)
Also, another favorite of both dogs is looking out the window above the couch.

I also finished up my newest sccarf creation. My friend at work had an Old Navy scarf from a few years ago on the other day and I thought it was super cute so I decided to try and make it. It looks exactly like this one below that I made. I thought I would be cool and trendy and take some pics of it in the outside settings as you can see.

I am really pleased with the way it turned out and actually kept it for myself. In a whole year of knitting and all the things I have made, this is the first one I made for myself!

And lastly, Shay got her first lesson in knitting and made a whole scarf in a few hours. She says she is “not crafty” but picked it up in like 5 minutes. I think she is just foolin me. It was a really enjoyable weekend filled with lots of lounging, a little shopping and good food. You can’t beat that!


3 thoughts on “Livin’ on Tulsa Time

  1. Cute photos of the dog and I love the creative ways you photograph your scarves! I feel really bad now that Shay finished her scarf in a few hours and I still have mine from last October…I WILL finish it tomorrow night!

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