Valentine’s cupcakes

We had the annual “Mayfair Live” talent show and dessert bar again at church this year and I made some delicious goodies. I got this idea from my cupcake book to make a “box of chocolates” instead of making mini cupcakes in a regular chocolate box, I made regular size cupcakes in a giant chocolate box that I made from posterboard. They were red velvet cupcakes with chocolate frosting instead of traditional cream cheese frosting. I just got as much pink, red, white, and chocolate candies out that I had, bought some more too and went to town. I was so pleased with how these turned out as you might be able to tell by all the detailed pics below:

I also made some regular things too, these tortes are filled with nutella, carmel, chocolate and topped with pecans.
And I made the cake on the left. It is an Italian Creme cake. Joanne made this delicious cake on the right. It is chocolate cake covered in peanut butter icing and topped with reeses cups and pieces (yuuummmmmmmmy)!!!

Lana made this pretty strawberry cake below, I wish I had got a piece because I love strawberry but I got full before I could try any.

And I dont know who made these last two but they looked really impressive and delicious.

There were many more and too many to try all but it was great as usual and I am glad all my things turned out well despite the minor complications I had when making them.


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