Spring Cocoons

These are the newest things I knitted this last week. They are photo props for baby photos. I have lots of friends about to have babies so I wanted to make some stuff to have available if they want to use and also to get some pictures for future advertising. I love these colors for the spring time!

Here is a picture of all 3 of them:
A baby boy cocoon (or it could be for a girl too I suppose). It is folded down like a shirt but I think it is long enough that it would fit over the baby’s head and still be folded under the arms.

This is the pea pod that could be for a boy or girl. You lay the baby inside it like it is an open pea pod. I forgot to take a picture this way but it could be cuffed as well.

And this is the baby girl cocoon (definately not for a baby boy)! Something is wrong with the picture formatting because it put them in here sideways. Sorry about that. Just pretend I was trying to be artistic!



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