new knits

Okay, I have a couple of catch up posts that I need to write but I dont have pics yet so they will have to wait. Until then, here are some of the most recent things I have been knitting. I made this little hat on my bday weekend and the booties last weekend. As I have mentioned in previous posts, the lighting changes a lot when I take pics because of the flash and ambient light so sorry about that. It makes it hard to tell the colors of everything in some of the pics I think.

And I am trying to get some more stork baskets, pods, hammocks and cocoons together to use for pics when baby Ava is born and some of my other friends babies that are to be born soon as well! The one below is very girly but I am going to make some more neutral ones and boy-ish ones too.

And here is a hat that I made last night for my friends one year old girl but I have a few flower options that I cant decide on. I think I will just make 3 hats so that I can use all of the flowers!!

I kind of think the pink flower is too big for the size of the hat but some people like big flowers on things!

Thats all for now!

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