Chicken Pesto Pizza

Matt and I really like this pizza I make often and for lack of better creative names, I call it Chicken Pesto Pizza. I am, in general, not a huge pizza fan but my favorite pizza is the ones I make and Hideaway Pizza (and Mazzio’s on occasion). Here is the recipe if you would like to try it yourself: 

Pizza crusts (personal or regular sized)
Pesto Sauce (my favorite is the Classico brand)
Olive Oil
Cooked Chicken ( I usually use shredded rotisserie chicken bc I dont like to cook it)
Feta Cheese
Italian Cheese Blend
Sun Dried Tomatoes

1. Heat oven to 350 Degrees
2. Foil and grease a cookie sheet
3. Lay crust on foil and brush olive oil on the edge of the crust and put a layer of pesto sauce in the middle of the crust. I like to make the smaller pizzas because you dont waste as much if you dont end up eating it all for leftovers and it is always better the first go around than reheated many times.

4. Then put a small layer of italian cheese blend next.
5. Next cut the spinach and add it to your pizza along with the chicken and sun dried tomatoes

6. Finally add your feta cheese and then another small layer of italian cheese to top it all off

7. Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes @ 425 or according to the crust instructions.

Yuuuuuuuuuum Yummy!


4 thoughts on “Chicken Pesto Pizza

  1. just tell him that he should be more adventurous 🙂 or you could sneak it in there and hide it under all the other toppings!! or just leave it out too, its good that way too! oh yeah i keep forgetting to try that recipe you put up for the granola, i think i will try it this weekend and let you know how it goes.

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