Baby boy purl ribbed beanie

This is a cute little baby boy hat I made for my friend this week. I really like the design and will probably make some elf new born hats as well for baby photos. This hat is for a 6 month old baby.
I always struggle to come up with cute ideas for baby boy stuff, but I thought this was cute and still masculine enough 🙂
Here is super stud Milo at 4 months sporting his stripped hat! 
(LookS like it was a tad long so he has got a cute hat flip going on)

4 thoughts on “Baby boy purl ribbed beanie

  1. ohh yeah, why dont i ever think of those things. i will call you when i get some more made because i want to get pics with actual babies wearing the things i make 🙂 i just got some from newborn shots that courtney took and they are really cute!

  2. I would love to get one of these for my grandson! Would you consider making one for sale!???

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