more knits

I have a huge update coming soon (not announcing a pregnancy or anything – let me put that disclaimer out there) but it will be a long post or posts so I havent been motivated to write yet. Until then, here are some pics of the recent knitted things I have been working on. We go on our family reunion week this weekend so I plan on knitting a lot there too since I am not a good book reader. We will see…

A baby hat for Katie’s friend
A baby blanket for Shay’s friend and a pic of my new tags in action. I didnt mean for it to look so pink camoflauge but thats how it turned out. It is hard to see the pattern in these pics but it is checkered with a seed stitch border.

And a baby elf hat for Baby Harper. I hope it turns out well in the photo shoot Bopha!!
**I had issues last night with the pictures but at least it worked today šŸ™‚

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