Oldies but Goodies

Well I know that I made these things along time ago but I now have the picture files from Courtney to post.   All of these pictures were taken by Courtney and as you can see, she is a wonderful photographer.  AND, as an added bonus, Derek updated her website recently and included some of these photos!  SO exciting, thanks Derek!!  If you live in the Oklahoma City Metro, I highly suggest that you call Courtney for a photo session if you are in need of one.  You can also check out her website in the photography section on my blog homepage.  Enjoy!

Sweet baby Olivia (this is actually a hanging cocoon that was too big so it works as a wrap of sorts too)! 

The next several are of Baby Ava!  This is also a hanging cocoon that we cant quite figure out yet.  I am not sure if it is too long or if it really just depends on the size of the baby. 

Cute little newborn hat.  I love the red poppy flowers!  This is similiar to the chunky newborn hats on a previous post last week.

This is a very delicate baby wrap made of an offwhite silk/kid mohair yarn.  I love this wrap and plan to make it in other colors also.

This was my first attempt at a elf hat.  The yarn is a supersoft wool/acrylic combo.  I have a pretty orange colored yarn to try out with the multicolored as well.

This is one of the first cocoons that I made also.  I love the buttons and that it can be used for a baby boy also. 

I dont think I know this baby in the photograph but this is the first hanging cocoon I made.  It obviously works better this way because I made the strap too high up on the cocoon.  Hard to explain but it was the first one I made 🙂

Cute little baby toes 🙂

And finally, this little billed hat for Annee!  I love the seed stitch hat and glad that it worked even if it she only kept it on for a brief moment! 


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