The Best Cake Ever!

That’s what it should be called.  I dont know if it is my all time favorite, but it is definately in my top three cake choices and that is saying alot since it is mostly chocolate!  If you know me, you know that I am not a huge chocoholic like my husband, but I am a superfan of Reece’s and so it wasnt a hard decision for me to choose this cake to make for Matt’s bday when Shay sent me this recipe!!

Shay got the recipe from Capitol Baker’s Blog but it can also be found on other blogs and on Bakerella’s blog.   I didnt even realize it was on Bakerella’s blog until after I made it and decided that next time I was going to make cupcakes so that I dont eat so much at once!  And she had made cupcakes too!  This delicious cake looks impressive and intimidating to make but it is really easy.  I would reccomend it for your next cake making event.  You can click on either link for the recipe.  I followed the Capitol Baker’s recipe almost exactly except when it came to greasing the pan, icing the cake and the buttermilk (I made it with regular milk and lemon juice instead).  I have some of that crazy cake pan grease from Midwest Bakers Supply in Edmond and it worked great as is. That stuff is awesome!!!   And when I iced the cake, I let the icing set in the fridge just for a little bit for it to stiffen up so that the Reece’s would stick to the sides easier.  And even after I iced the cake, I let it sit in the fridge for a bit longer before covering in Reece’s.  So I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story:

This is really all you need to know.  I used the better part of 64 regular size Reece’s cup for this cake!  And only ate one during the cooking process, an accomplishment!

You better Belize I am making this cake again, next week in fact but probably in cupcake form!


2 thoughts on “The Best Cake Ever!

    • Yeah that was me! I had just made it for Matt’s bday and he wanted me to make it again and obviously we cant keep that kind of cake around here bc we would eat it all 🙂 A good cake to share with lots of people!!

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