Chicken and Dumplings

Last night I got the  urge to make this delicious soup for dinner even though it isnt quite freezing whether yet.  And I have been meaning to post this recipe so no time is better than the present.  This is an adaptation of my grandpas recipe.  He is the one who told me how to make the dumplings this way.  And I must warn you, they are more or a noodle type dumpling, not fluffy dumpling which is probably more traditional.  I love them though and it is a quick and easy dinner to make!  The amounts listed below are for 4-6 servings.  As is with many of my recipes, I always vary the directions some depending on what I have available 🙂  I kind of forgot to take pictures of all the steps so here are most of them.   


Cooked Chicken (Approx 2-3 cups)

*I usually buy a roasted chicken at the store and remove the breast and some of the dark meat and shred it).  You could cook chicken and cube it if you would rather but I dont like that extra step.

All-Purpose Flour (4 cups)

4 eggs

Milk (if needed)

Chicken Broth (12 cups)

Spices: Vegetable flakes, poultry seasoning, oregano, basil, celery seed, parsley, salt, pepper



1.  Prepare broth according to directions on package

2.  Add spices to broth and let simmer.  (The spices I use vary depending on what I have available but I usually always use one containter of dried vegetable flakes).  I love those things!  You could always add cut veggies though but let them cook and soften some before adding other ingredients. 

3.  While broth and spices are simmering, start preparing the dumplings/noodles.  Mix together flour and salt and pepper to taste.  I like a lot of duplings so I always make this many.  But the ratio is one cup flour to 1 egg.  And you want the texture to be like bread dough.  If it is too dry, add a little bit of milk.    Once texture is correct, you are ready to make dumplings.  Use a two spoons for process.  Spoon a small amount in one and scrap it into warm broth with the other.  Keep repeating this until you have made all you want.

4.  Add cooked chicken to the broth with dumplings and wait for dumplings to finish cooking.  They will rise to surface and float when they are finished. 

5.  Serve and enjoy!


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