I’m officially an Etsy Seller! Woot!!

I know I have already told many of you via phone, email, facebook that I finally got it set up but realized I forgot to blog about it, doi!  How could I forget and what a perfect way to post a few pics of my newest knits and some crocheted items!  My Etsy store is called Weekly Threads and you can view it here:


and I will post items for sale there at least once per week as I had started doing here.  Now that I sell on Etsy, I cannot sell on this website the same exact item because that would be a breech of their terms and conditions of usage but I will post a link on here to my store when I post a new item for sale.  And you can just click on the link to purchase the item if you would like.  I will also try to edit the post and tell you if it was sold as well.  I will still try to accomodate  special orders to the best of my ability.  Email me at shannonscrafts@gmail.com to inquire about a special order and I will let you know if I have time to make your request. 

So without further ado, the newest item at my store and some pictures of my recent stuff:

Thanks for all your support, ideas and for cheering me on to finally getting this started!  I didn’t think I would actually make it through all the reading blah, blah stuff but I am glad to have been able to get it going!  And, was so excited to make a sale in 3 hours of my first post!!  And if any of you are members on Etsy, please “favorite” my store to help me build up confidence in buyers seeing as how I am new to their site.  And taking the advice of Katie, I think I might start offering free giveaways at some point but first I need to fulfill some of my special orders.  I will be sure to let you know when that happens 🙂  Thanks again everyone and have a great rest of your week!



2 thoughts on “I’m officially an Etsy Seller! Woot!!

  1. yay!! love your work, so glad this is up and running for you! Also I tried your chicken and dulpings this week, huge hit at our house, this meal is going in to make its way into the circulation of meals at our house. Thanks!

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