Pumpkin Whoopies

A few weeks ago Matt and I were at this church lunch and he brought what I thought was going to be a homemade oatmeal creme pie to the table.  And to our surprise, it was a PUMPKIN creme pie!!!!  We took one home and unfortunately had to share it 😦  So, later that week, Pioneer Woman shared a link to a recipe for some of these little delicious cookies.  I figured that if she endorsed it, they must be awesome and so I bought all the things to make them.  And finally, two weeks later, I got around to it 🙂

At first I was going to take pictures and all that but the lady that made them already did so here is the link to her recipe and then her blog post has lots of pretty cooking pictures but the step by step instructions is not in it I dont think, which is weird!

I didn’t really change too much about the recipe since she said she had spent a while perfecting the spice quantities.  But I didn’t do the whole cutting the parchement squares business.  I just piped them on on one big piece of wax paper.  That was much simpler to me.  Oh and I think I added too much cinnamon to the icing but that is a good mistake 🙂  Oh yeah and one more thing, I wrapped them all in saran when I was finished because they were so soft that if you stacked them on top of each other, they would just stick and be hard to separate later.  Plus then they are ready to hand out easily or put in your husbands lunch (which is one of Matt’s requests since he has a dessert stomach)!!  I like them cold better than room temperature and have kept them stored in the fridge too.

Anyway, these are sooooooooooooo delicious and if you like pumpkin stuff, you should try them if you get a chance.   But make sure you have some people to share them with because you might end up eating too many if you dont 🙂

**this is the picture from the blog post, not mine


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