It’s a ‘Bama baby!

I have a whole bunch of pictures to post of different things I have made the last several weeks.  But I want to start with this stuff I made for my friend who is expecting in December and happens to be an Alabama fan (for some reason)! 

After the request to make the elephant for one of Matt’s labmates, I thought it could easily be adapted to be a girlie mascot outfit of sorts for baby Jillian.  Their colors are white and crimson and obviously the mascot is an elephant.  And I wanted to add the pink touches since it was for a girl.  But I can’t wait to see her dressed up in it!!   Also, I made an Alabama themed hat and socks set.  Susan really liked the double-pom hat and I figured I would go ahead and stick with the sports theme.  This was my first time to stitch letters onto something like this and wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out with the script lettering.  But I think it came out really well!  I like the elephant writing better than the hat writing but probably because it is dark on dark and not stark white on crimson.  I am picky about my stuff, sorry!!  But anyway, here are the pics: 

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