Crochet Loafers

Last week I bought some crochet patterns from a couple of gals on Etsy for different things, and was so excited to try one of them this weekend.  The style pictured below is from Polka Dot Posh and you can purchase the pattern from her website or Etsy Store.  I LOVE these little shoes and did not want to try and come up with my own pattern so I was thrilled to find out she sold the pattern and allowed the finished products to be sold.  I have a friend at church with a 9 month old and decided to try that size out so she could try them on and see how they fit!  I already had this pink on hand so that’s why I chose to make them this color at first.  But this week, I plan to make every size the pattern provides with different colors (and maybe some preemie sizes too).  I haven’t quite figured out what to charge for them yet but will let you know when I do (likely after I make the other pairs).  But just wanted to share these with you because I was very pleased with how they turned out and cant wait to see them on Mattie and other babies 🙂


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