Friday Freebies


 Thats right people, the giveaways are coming!!!  Starting in December, I will do  monthly giveaways that are totally free and anyone (except immediate family members) is eligable to participate!!  Just in time for Christmas right?  As of now, I am calling them “Friday Freebies” but that is subject to change when I can come up with a more creative name 🙂  And thus, the giveaways will be on an unannounced Friday of each month.  I will not normally announce the giveaway but wanted to give some basic information for the first time and so you will know to start looking for the posts.   


Rules and Regulations:

1.  I will give away at least one item per month that is ready for immediate shipping, on any given Friday, but the date and time of post will not be announced (at this time).

2.  Anyone can participate in the giveaway challenge whether I know you or not (with the exception of immediate family members). 

3.  I will either have a small task for you to do, trivia question for you to answer, or will use a number generator to determine the winner(s) each month.

4.  I will ship the item as soon as possible after the giveaway winner(s) have been determined and the proper shipping information has been sent to me. 

5. I will list items with great detail so you can be aware of sizing or any other product information before you enter the contest. 

6.  Since you will be receiving a free product, I will not accept returns in exchange for a new product if you are unable to use what you win.  You can send it back to me at your expense or give it to a friend as a gift.   

7. It is possible for someone to win more than one giveaway but if you do win something, you are not eligable to win again within the next thirty days.

8.  These terms are subject to change as needed and if any changes are made, I will make dated addendums as they occur and are needed. 

Addendums (12.09.10):

9.  If you live outside of the Continental US, you will be responsible for shipping charges but I will find the cheapest way for it to be shipped to you and send you a Paypal invoice before the item is sent letting you know how much it will cost.

 Addendums (02.02.11):

10.  New name!!! The Weekly Thread

11.  It wasnt clarified in previous rules, but only one enty per person please (lets be fair)!!!

I am so excited to get this going and I hope you are too!!!  Good luck and email me or comment on the blog sometime if you have any ideas you would like to see me make or do or any suggetions!!!!


4 thoughts on “Friday Freebies

  1. This is very exciting!! I’ll look forward to the upcoming surprises around every corner.

  2. Shannon!!! Love this idea and all your goods…and I’ll enter as often as I’m allowed to, ha! 🙂

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