Friday Freebies – Crochet Loafers!!

***If you are visiting from, I have to apologize and say the contest has already happened.  My submission just got accepted (12.13.10) and it was too late for this giveaway but please keep checking back because I do monthly giveaways that are totally free.  I apologize again for the inconvience but thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

Well folks, its finally here: the first ever, Friday Freebies!! And it starts…….NOW!  Here is the dealio for this month:

1. There are 5 pairs of crochet loafers ranging in sizes from newborn to 24 months, pictured below, and rather than give them to one person, I thought it would be more fun to have 5 winners.

2. To be entered into the contest for the giveaway, you have to go to my Etsy shop by clicking on this link or on the link at the right of the homepage of my blog site and “heart” the shop.  Then leave a comment on this post saying that you did it (if you have done so in the past, just comment and let me know).  Make sure you dont forget to comment on this post because that is how I will determine the winner (by the number order of comments) and because if your privacy settings in Etsy are turned on or I dont know your member name, I wont know if you really did it or not!!

3.  You will have 24 hours from the time of the post (which was at 12:00 am today) to enter the contest, then I will no longer take any more entries.  (only one etry per person since you can only “heart” my shop once). 

4.  I will use a number generator to pick 5 numbers at random from the total number of participants.  (For example:  If there are 25 entries, the number generator will pick 5 numbers at random between 1 and 25 and those numbers will correspond to the order of the comments on the post.  So if Jane Doe was the 5th person to comment, and the generator picked number 5 as one of the numbers, she would be one of the winners). Get it?

5.  I will take screen shots of the numbers generated and post them on this post so you know who the winners are and will contact each winner via the email account that is used when commenting on this blog post.  That way you can send me your shipping information privately rather than posting it online for the world to see. 

6.  For this particular contest, the first winner selected will get the newborn – 3 month size loafers, the second winner selected will get the 3-6 month size and so on. 

7.  And, I will mail your prize ASAP after I receive your shipping info via USPS First Class mail.


So, pictured below is what you will be entering to win this month:

 Orange loafers:

0-3 months (3.25″ long)

Teal Loafers:

3-6 months (3.75″ long)

Khaki Loafers:

6-9 months (4.25″ long)


Yellow Loafers:

9-12 months (4.5″ long)

Pink Loafers:

18-24 months (5.25″ long)

TA-DA!  Thanks for participating and Good Luck! 

And, if you win and would be willing to share a photo of your little guy or gal sporting this loafers, I would be so greatful!  I use the pictures on this blog, Etsy and facebook for advertising and selling purposes only.  And will certainly credit any photographer, just provide me with the information if it is not watermarked on the photo.  Speaking of credit, this design was  created by PolkaDotPosh.  I will make more soon and in other colors for sale on Etsy (still deciding on prices though). 

Click here to review general rules and conditions of Friday Freebies giveaways.


15 thoughts on “Friday Freebies – Crochet Loafers!!

  1. I absolutely heart your shop and these cute little loafers. I formally “hearted” your shop through Etsy. Whether I win or not, please send me information on the cost of buying a pair of these (for either my son, my niece (due in January), or both!) THANK YOU for this awesome giveaway!!!

  2. Ahhh!! You know I have been drooling over these since you posted the first pair! I think I correctly hearted your shop; it is showing up as one of my favorites now, but I am not sure as I just set up an ETSY account today. Fingers crossed! The blue is my fave.! 😉

  3. Thank you for being so willing to share your talent with others!
    I’d love these for my new niece!!

  4. totally heart your shop. you make the cutest things and are inspiring me to try more things!

  5. Hi Shannon! These are so cute. I, of course, don’t have a baby to wear a pair of these, but my boyfriend’s brother does, and she would look so cute in them. Anyways, I hearted your etsy shop! 🙂

  6. Yay! I’m super excited! The last thing I won something was when I was in the first grade and I won the biggest pumpkin in my classroom for halloween 🙂 Thank you so much! I am looking forward to seeing how the adult slippers turn out!

  7. I absolutely love your baby loafers! Do you have a pattern for it? Did you make the pattern yourself? Also, I think they are so cute I would love a pair for myself! How difficult would it be to make some loafers in adult sizes? I love your blog, thanks for posting!


    • Breanna –

      I am so glad you enjoy the blog! The pattern for these loafers is not mine, I bought it from Polka Dot Posh at her Etsy site: and she allows people to sell finished products. I am going to make an adult sized pattern that would be similiar to these in january or february I think. So please check back on the blog to see how they turned out and they will be for sale on my etsy site which i usually link to here or they might even be one of the giveaways sometime, you never know 🙂 Anyway, thanks for your comments and make sure to check out that site for the pattern if you want to buy it!

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