And the winners are…

Thanks so much everyone for participating in my first giveaway contest!  I was so excited to get this going and I am glad there were people interested in winning some of my stuff!  Those of you who didn’t get a chance to enter the contest or didnt win this time, worry not because there will be many more giveaways to come.  The next one will be sometime in January and will be something totally different, but handmade of course.  The task will be different too or maybe I will just pose a  mind boggling question for you to ponder, just kidding 🙂 

And remember, anyone is able to participate, whether I know you or not or whether the item would be for you or a gift for someone you know.  It doesn’t matter to me!  Also, if you would like, feel free to post the giveaways on any forum that is appropriate.  I know there are many mom/baby/other forums I dont know about where people would be interested in giveaways such as these and I would be glad for you to post if you feel it is appropriate. 

So without further ado, here are the winners for December:

This is a pitiful image so I layed it out better below.  I didnt know it would be this bad so hopefully I can figure out how to get a better snipit next time!  But the order the numbers were generated were:  1-7-3-10-4 and the numbers were generated at 12:02 am (but it is listed in Greenwich GMT time) on 12.11.10.  Congrats to all the winners and I will contact you via email this weekend if I dont already know your shipping info!!

#1 – Christine (orange 0-3 months)

#7 – Katie (teal 3-6 months)

#3 – Nancy (brown 6-9 months)

#10 – Jenna (yellow 9-12 months)

#4 – Lillian (pink 18 – 24 months)

If you are interested in purchasing some loafers like these, email me at to discuss an order.  There are 6 sizes available and they range in price from $12.00-14.00 dollars/pair depending on the size.  Virtually any color can be made, I just had this yarn available immediately and chose these colors for the giveaway.  Also, I will be working on a similiar design for adult house shoes later in the winter if you are interested in that, keep checking the blog or “friend” me on facebook for picture updates!


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