Friday Freebies – Crochet Yellow and Gray Headband

Let the January Giveaway commence! 

This month, to enter into the contest all you  have to do is just answer this question as a comment on the post:

What was your favorite activity/event that you did or gift that you received this Christmas or New Years? 

There will only be one winner this time and they will receive this hairband below:

It is a medium gray and golden yellow hairband inspired by my sisters request for her upcoming birthday.  So the winner gets to have a matching hairband the same as Shay 🙂 

It is made of a wool/acrylic blend yarn and is 18′ long, 5″ wide and has two buttons for an adjustable fit (since most people dont have as giant of a head as I do!).

Here is how I wear them:

Please see the official rules here if you have any questions about the contest, or email me at .   If your comment doesnt appear immediately, it is because I have to “accept” it with wordpress because of the filter/privacy settings but dont worry, it will show up shortly. 

Contest starts when this is posted, and ends at midnight on Sunday the 16th. The winner will be determined by using a random number generator like last month on Monday the 17th. 

Anyone can enter but only one can win, GOOD LUCK!


23 thoughts on “Friday Freebies – Crochet Yellow and Gray Headband

  1. My favorite present this year was a selection of delicious teas from Jonathan! 🙂

    Also, I love that headband, so I hope I win!! 😀 haha

  2. My fav thing was watching Milo! We thought he’d be too young for any of the fun but he was able to grab paper and pull it off of packages AND give us a surprised/excited face about every gift! (This of course is followed closely by getting to see you and Matt for about 45 seconds that night-we miss you!)

  3. Steve and I were able to go sledding at our park on Christmas day! We had a hill all to ourselves and loved it. Yes, I wiped out some but I hadn’t laughed that hard in awhile.

  4. My favorite event was my fiancee, son and I just hanging out with each other on Christmas Eve. We have a very large family and holidays can be VERY hectic. So we’ve decided Christmas Eve is ours.

    We went out to eat, watched A Christmas Story and played Monopoly all night. 🙂

    My favorite gift… money!! 🙂

  5. My favorite activity was getting to hang out w/ my grandparents, aunt, uncle, parents, cousins, brother and sil. I’m so fortunate that the whole family is still able to get together and every single person was able to be there this year!

  6. My favorite gift this Christmas was the fashion ring my 6 yr old niece picked out for me.

  7. Favorite activity: I enjoyed making snowmen with my family in Alabama on Christmas. It was the first time it has snowed on Christmas in my hometown in like 10 years.

  8. I loved playing Santa, putting up “Santa’s” tree, getting it all ready for the kids!!! Also seeing my dad’s expression when my 8 yr old niece presented him with a very girly sell phone holder, and my dad wearing it with pride everywhere!!

  9. My favorite part of Christmas was spending time with my brother for the first time in over a year. Wish he didnt live so far away?

  10. My favorite activities were spending family time together – movies by the fire, board games, bowling

  11. My favorite thing I did this Christmas was pushing my neice to the park in the stroller while I rollerbladed behind and my husband and brother rode the tandem bike along side. The weather was perfect for playing at the park and we had so much fun! Gotta love Christmas in Texas 🙂

  12. My favorite thing was getting to spend time with my family in Florida. It had been a year since I’d seen my parents, so this was definitely a special Christmas for us!

  13. Let’s see….My favorite Christmas present was probably my “Fizzy Water Maker!” My husband bought me a Fizzy Water Maker cause I LOVE fizzy water!

    My favorite New Years gift was my probably my night out with my husband. It was also my 1st Year anniversary so I enjoyed celebrating a year being married to a wonderful man!

    BTW these headbands are ALL the rage here in Chicago. We wear them to keep our ears nice and warm!

  14. My favorite part of the holidays this year was watching my 2 year old run down the stairs squealing when he saw his train table. There is nothing like watching your kids get so excited, it makes all the shopping and running around worth it!!

  15. My favorite activity was taking my 2 year old son looking at Christmas lights! We went driving around probably 10-15 times. He had so much fun looking at the “pretties”!
    BTW-I love this headband, and I just saw your baby shoes too! I’m going to have to order some for my 3 month old baby girl!

  16. My favorite thing was watching my 2yo son pick up every gift under the tree, say open, proceed to open it himself, and then tell us to cut in order to get whatever it was outta the box!

  17. A couple at my church wanted to get my children a gift for christmas. So, they bought them 10 VeggieTale dvd’s, the pirate ship from the movie, “The pirates who don’t do anything”, the castle from the “SweetPea princess”, a stuffed pirate doll, and a stuffed sweetpea princess doll.

    We were all blown away by their generosity!! I can’t wait until we are financially able to do something similar for someone.

  18. My favorite activity was flying on Christmas Day to see my parents. Opening gifts on Christmas morning as usual made it seem like the old days 🙂

  19. My favorite gift was a dutch oven. I have been wanting one FOREVER. It’s emerald green (adorable) and it’s the same brand as the cast iron skillet that I inherited from my grandmother several years ago. I hope that it can be a family heirloom someday too!

  20. My favorite activity was going on a Christmas cruise… 11 family members went and we had a relaxing time. My favorite present was watching my kids sit on Santa’s lap on Christmas day onboard the ship – they will remember it all their life! 🙂

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