The January winner is…………..

Lucky number 9, which is NADINE!!!  YAY! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this months giveaway!  There were over double the amount of participants as last month and I just loved hearing your Christmas stories!  And since you shared yours, I will share mine with you (but i dont think I can narrow it down very well so i will just briefly tell you what we did for Christmas).

We got to take 2 whole weeks off work and drive from here to Houston and back with stops in between to see family and friends!  We saw my family in Tulsa first, then got to see many, but not all, of our friends in OKC when were there for 1.5 days, then moved on to Houston to see Matts side of the family and spend time with his sister before she left for Chile for several years (which was last week by the way).  Then we started our trek back and stayed with our best buds for overnight in OKC, saw my other friends baby who was barely even 15 hours old maybe on our way out of OKC, then made it back to STL!  WHEW!!! It was a lot of driving but was so fun to see so many people we loved over the holidays.  We made it to Houston with our junked-out-duct-tape-saturn and made it back with our new-to-us-beautiful-Subaru from Deanna and with no road or weather troubles at all!  It couldnt have been any better! 

But anyway, thanks again for participating and make sure to check back next month for the next giveaway (which is only 2 weeks away mind you)!!! AH!  And if you didnt win today and are interested in purchasing one (or a similar one), I will put some up for sale on Etsy sometime this week.  Or you can email me 🙂  Have a lovely week and enjoy your day off today if you get it off!




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