Headbands Galore!

I have been slacking on my blogging a bit but for good reason.  I have hats lots of orders to fulfill the last several weeks and have had lots of fun making new things.  So this starts a series of pre-posting to show you what I have been up to since before Christmas break (for some things).  And as the title indicates, this post is about headbands!!  These headbands are crocheted and I bought this pattern from Polka Dot Posh (the same gal who designed the loafers) but have modified the pattern somewhat like I did with the loafers as well. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The white one was a gift for Deanna and is skinnier than the others I make.  It is not made to go over the ears persay (is that how you spell that?).  The red one is my prototype that I made to match my New Years Eve sweater.  The gray and black one was for a friends daughter who goes to Westmoore highschool in OKC and it is their school colors.  The charcoal one was for a friend here in the Lou.  And lastly the chocolate one was for a friend of a friend.  The charcoal and chocolate colored headbards were not in good light and apper lighter than they truely are.  I shouldnt have taken the pictures outside so near to the snow!! 

Anyway, these are so fun and easy to make and I have some ideas going in my head for other patterns to make also.  Some are for sale at my Etsy shop already and others will be soon too!  If you would like to order one that is not currently for sale in my shop, email me at:  shannonscrafts@gmail.com.  The skinny ones are $12.00/each and the wider ones are $14.00/each.  They are one size fits all but have two buttons for an adjustable fit. 


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