Hats and Scarves

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Red Squares Scarf

This was the first scarf I have made since last winter I think!  It is knitted and features a textured square pattern framed by seed stitch (which is a spin off this blanket I made last year) and finished with tassles at the bottom.  I didnt get good lighting but it is a deep cherry red color and made with acrylic yarn.

Panda Earflap Hat

My aunt has a good friend that loves pandas so she asked me to make a hat for her for Christmas!  I am very pleased with how the facial features turned out and I like the cream and black way better that bright white/black. 

 Green Purl Ribbed Hat/Tie-Scarf Set

One of my dear friends from highschool has been eyeing this set that I made for Shay for quite sometime and “hinted” about how cute a green set would be!  Since I havent made a set in a couple of years, I couldnt pass up the opportunity to make this.  It is made with a super chunky wool acrylic blend yarn that is a grass green color…it is a very pretty green color!  I wasnt sure how I felt about the flower so I made it removable and the scarf is held close to the neck with a tie.  I really like this set so I should make more to sell on Etsy probably, huh! 

The Beard Hat

And last but certainly not least…..the beard hat!  Right before (or after) we moved the STL, my friend Penny sent me a picture of a similiar hat and said I should think about making these.  At first, I thought they were so silly and didnt think anyone would buy them.  And about 6 weeks ago, I started getting requests for these beard hats and decided I had put it off long enough and was going to sit down and make a pattern.  I think I put it off so long because I didnt really like the  first few I saw, but really like the pattern I made and look forward to designed some other ones too.  So last weekend, I did just that and here is the prototype I made for Matt (sorry for the clips in the hat picture, I hadnt sewn the beard on yet).  It is the first of many designs to come, you can bet on that.  Since then I have made 3 more and have 5 more on order!!  I have made just brown and red hair beards so far but bought other “hair” colors to make.  I will make them available on Etsy soon in two sizes:  S/M and L/XL  with your choice of hat and hair color!  And will also have just the beards available for purchase so you can sew it right into your favorite hat!  Thanks Penny, so much for the idea!!



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