Twins Peapod Photography Prop

 “I got peas on my head, but dont call me a peahead”

Quiz:  What shows opening lyrics included this line?


 So, I have wanted to make this photography prop for a long while but didnt know anyone who was having twins until a few months ago.  And I just finished it this weekend!!  I got a new sewing machine for Christmas and this was in inagural project for it 🙂  I dont LOVE these pictures but wanted to take a few to show you how it looks.  The lighting is not quite right but it was the best I could do for tonight and sorry for the “bag babies”, it was the only way to get it to sit kind of  like it will with babies in it.  The casing is made of a dark olive color and the cocooons and leaf are made of super soft acrylic yarn and it is an army/hunter green color.  It will be used in two twins photo shoots in the coming weeks so I am sooooooooooo looking forward to getting some beautiful pictures to show you later!  But for now, these will have to do:

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3 thoughts on “Twins Peapod Photography Prop

  1. Are you selling these? If so how much. I am doing a photo shoot for a military family expecting twins soon. This is exactly what she wanted and I would love to get it for the shoot but I am doing her shoot free of charge and need to watch expenses because of that.

    • Hi Jessica –

      Unfortunately, I dont make them anymore for sale. They actually cost me quite a lot to make and take a long time to do it as well. Sorry I can’t help you out this time. Bet you can find someone on Etsy though that will make a similar set for you.

      – Shannon

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