Other miscellaneous items

These items didnt really fit into the other two categories so I have lumped them together on this post!  The first few pictures are ladies ear warmers.  They are made of thick wool/acrylic blend yarn and and made to fit over the top of your head like traditional ear warmers but have a tie under the chin so the dont fall off.  But since they dont cover your whole head, I would tend to use these more in the fall/mild winter temps and not the bitter cold winter like we are currently experiencing.  I LOVE how they turned out, so much so that I bought several colors to make before we even left Houston and took all that  yarn back here to STL.  These will definately be up on Etsy in my shop soon for sale and with several color options too!!  (after I get more custom orders finished first).  Thank you Danielle for the idea!

Some purple newborn loafers for Geneva’s neice!

Diaper cover and  hat set for little Brynn!  This set is for a 3 month old but can easily be made for a newborn. 

matching loafers

Here is another flower that looks great with the color of yarn!

front of diaper cover

flower on the bum!


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