More beautiful photos!

I got another round of pictures in to share 🙂 

This billed set was purchased by a photographer from my Etsy store and she was so nice to share a photo with me!  I LOVE this picture!  Meagan lives in Louisiana and you can check out her website here.  Thanks for the beautiful picture Meagan!  I will have more of these for sale on Etsy soon and with other color options as well.

This little guy is Milo and here is a sample of some of his adorable pictures from his 6 month photo shoot.  Great job Courtney!  Courtney’s link is on this blog if you want to check her website out 🙂  And thank you Nathan and Beth for sharing your photos!! 

This one below is my favorite of these three 🙂

“Sissterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Sisterrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  There were never such devoted sisterrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssss”  This is my lovely sis modeling her birthday headband for me!  Looks better on here than me 🙂  And I like how it looks with the glasses too!

Sweet Izzy showing off her little cream colored socks!  I havent ever put these for sale on Etsy yet but as soon as I make time to make some examples, I will put post them for sale. 

This little gal is Ava.  It was just barely cold enough in Houston for a bit for her to get to wear her hat!  But not for long 🙂

And last but not least, the little purple loafers for Liberty.  

I love these pictures guys!  Keep them coming 🙂


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