The Weekly Thread – Beard Hat Giveaway!

*Due to my submission to Craftgawker getting accepted late AGAIN, I am extending the contest!  So the new deadline to enter is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (Tues, Feb 8th)!  I will announce the winner tomorrow morning (Wed the 9th) and contact you via email!  Thanks for playing and goodluck!

Hey guys, you want to be as cool as this guy? 🙂

Or girls, you want to win something unique, fun and functional for your special someone for Valentines Day?

Well look no further, because I am giving away one of these awesome beard hats for the February Giveaway this month!!!! Woot woooooooooot!! 

And just in case you were wondering why it isnt called Friday Freebies anymore, in the process of remodeling my blog and other sites, I gave the giveaways  a new name (The Weekly Thread) and will also not restrict the contest to just Fridays now.  It can start on any day of the month and will likely last a few days so there is lots of time for people to enter to win.  

For this giveaway lets have a sports themed fun question in honor of all the wonderful men in our lives and the upcoming NBA dunk contest and All Star game!!  All you need to do is post a comment on the blog with your answer to this question to be entered into the contest:

If you were a superstar NBA player who could dunk on everybody, what would your nickname be?

And since I started this off, I will go first!  As suggested by my husband, my nickname would be: 

Shannon the Cannon or The Big Skein

(you can ask your husbands for ideas too) 🙂


The winner will get a custom made beard hat with your choice of beard hair colors below.

And your choice of hat color below made for a  mans size S, M, L or XL:

I will draw the winner via a number generator after the contest is over and contact you Tuesday morning via email.  If you can tell me what colors and size of hat you want that same day, I will get it in the mail by Thurday, in time for Valentines Day.  Otherwise, it will be there afterwards. So, as always, anyone is welcome to play, whether I know you or not. 

The contest begins NOW and ends Monday night, February 7th at midnight.

Have fun, and be creative! I cant wait to hear your awesome dunk names!!!


57 thoughts on “The Weekly Thread – Beard Hat Giveaway!

  1. Omigosh! I need a beard hat! I’ve always wanted to be a bearded lady but lack the ability to grow facial hair…

    Moira the Destroyer

  2. I suppose that I’d have to go with Alissa Bobissa cause I’m lame that way, lol. I guess you could imagine with that name I’d be more likely to be playing for the Harlem Globetrotters, lol.

  3. this might be the most awesome thing i have ever seen.

    my name would be “Lizzy Rock the Hizzy.”

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  5. WOW, please tell me you are still making these!? they are ADORABLE and my boy would absolutly love this

    • yes definately! I have them for sale in my etsy store (although currently only for mens sizes). How old is your son? I have been thinking about making boys sizes since they are so fun!!!

    • I dont currently have a DIY or pattern for sale, just the finished product in my Etsy shop. I have had a few requests for the pattern the last several weeks so I will try and write a sellable pattern but right now, its just a shortened version for me. If you are interested in the hat, I will have more in my shop in a few weeks. Otherwise, it will likely be January or later before I get a sellable pattern written. Thanks for inquiring though!

  6. I would love to win this hat for my son in law. He is a truck driver and this hat could make the long halls a lot more fun. His hair is dark brown so that’s the color I would choose for the beard. The hat color I will leave up to you. You do wonderful work by the way.

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