Kicked Up Turkey Meatloaf

You might remember that I posted on facebook earlier this week that I was trying a new recipe for meatloaf.  Well it turned out FANTASTIC and I just had to share!!  My sister and I read this blog: Eat Live Run and she has some really great recipes, and this meatloaf recipe is amazing as well.  I am just going to link straight to it because I made it verbatum almost.  And the only reason it was exact is because my mushrooms went bad so I substituted a cup of oatmeal and Trader Joes was out of lentils when I was there so I just omitted that all together.  Oh yeah, and I made extra glaze to put on each piece that was cut and not just the top of the loaf.    It was wonderful and I plan to put it in the regular rotation for sure and get ALL the ingredients for next time 🙂  Dont be turned off by the long list of ingredients.  It is a very easy recipe, just has a lot in it!!

This is her recipe and her picture as well 🙂


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