Slip slidin’ away

Several weeks ago, I saw this post on Craftgawker, and had to try it out.  I was getting frustrated with my complicated slippers (or slips as my sister and I like to call them), so I decided to give this tutorial a try.  Plus I had lots of extra yarn left over from other projects and I love to use it up and not waste any!!  I made a pair like she suggested and then as I tend to do, alter it to my own  preferences and ended up with this as my prototype.  So I guess these are my leftover-yarn slippers 🙂  I have other modified versions I have been working on coming soon but wanted to share these photos first.  If you are a crocheter (is that a word), you should check out this tutorial.  It’s pretty easy to follow and pretty quick to make.  They are only for a US womens size 9 shoe size I think, just so you know.  You will have to make alterations for other sizes. 

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