The beard hat is officially on Etsy now!

WOW!  That took me forever to get around to posting that for sale!  It is almost too warm now…but there is always next winter I suppose 🙂 I have been super busy with work at the lab and pharmacy reports at night that I have not been making time to catch up everywhere.  But alas, the time has come for some pre-posting!!!!!


You remember this giveaway for the beard hat, well here is the official info, or you can click on the link to my Etsy page to view it there. 

Pictured below, are the color options you can choose from for the hat and the beard.  I also included some close up shots of some of the beards and examples of some hat/beard color combos others have ordered. 

* I should say though that the picture that looks like a navy hat with a red beard is actually black, the color was just bad since it was an iphone picture.  Oops!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The best way to choose which hat size is right for you is to measure your head diameter at the brow line and pick the size that is 1.5-2″ smaller.

Small: 20″ relaxed hat diameter
Medium: 21″ relaxed hat diameter
Large: 22″ relaxed hat diameter
X-Large: 24″ relaxed hat diameter

I am also selling the beards alone if you would like to sew it into your own hat. You can visit the Etsy store for that listing. 


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