New Ribbed Hairband with Knitted Bow!

So, recently I learned this new crochet ribbing stitch and I LOVE IT!!!  I have been using it to spice up some of my old designs and used it on new designs as well.  It is similiar to the knitted ribbing but I think it is cleaner looking and lays flatter.  Here is the new headband design I made with it:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is a dark eggplant color but appears a bit light in these pictures.  I also made this knitted bow for a different look and really like how it turned out.  This was made for a young girl but can be made in other colors and in womens sizes as well.  I will post pictures of it in use after the photo shoot is finished.  And also will post it for sale on Etsy soon too! 

Aaaaaaaand, will aligator bow clips for sale soon too!


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