Four New Photography Sets

Lately, I have really been working on getting the sizing worked out on my diaper covers to the best size for a newborn.  Every yarn is different, so it can be challenging.  I always worry that it wont be quite the right size.  But it is coming right along, with the help of some test subjects of course 🙂

I think I mentioned in a previous post (I have been doing so much pre-posting that I cant remember), about my new favorite crochet ribbed stitch and have been in corporating it into some new designs.  Here is a little description about each set pictured in the slide show:

Top Knot Roll Brimmed Beanie with Diaper Cover (Sage)

This set is made of a soft acrylic sage colored yarn and is very gender neutral for girls or boys.  It is pictured on the previous post on baby Gabe.  I didnt have great light the day I was photographing it.  Its true color is more like the picture in the white basket, than on the fence. 

Chunky Newsboy Hat with Diaper Cover & Suspenders (Light Gray)

This set is also featured on Gabe in the previous post.  It is made of a chunky wool/acrylic blend yarn and is super cute on little Gabe.  Mandy wasnt able to get any good pics with the suspenders because Gabe wasn’t cooperating at that time, but if I get any on another baby, I will share them 🙂  I love this hat and cover set but think I might switch to a softer yarn because this might be a little harsh on soft, newborn baby skin.  But will still make the same style. 

Bonnet and Diaper Cover with Flower (Medium Pink & Cream)

 This was my first bonnet to make and I love how it how it turned out!  I cant wait to see it on a little baby!  The pink is so pretty and the cream flower is removable for two looks.  Next time, I will make the edge more wavy so it will be even more girly and frilly!!

Tie and Diaper Cover Set (Chocolate)

Ohhhhh man, do you know how excited I was when this tie was finished???  Well let me tell you, EXCITED!  I love making boy stuff that turns out cute because I really have a hard time thinking of stuff that is not just plain.  I dont even remember why I decided to make this or how I came up with it, I think it just popped into my head.  I love the ribbing and the design and that it even has a holder on the back for the skinny part too!  I already have ideas flowing for other tie patterns and designs!!  If only I could knit & crochet all day, every day!  Anyway, I absolutely cant wait to see this on a little boy!  I also like the ribbed diaper cover, it gives it more texture without looking like too much is going on. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*So there you have it.  New sets, all of which will be on sale likely by the time this posts (except the gray, I think I will make something very similiar but with softer yarn)! 


One thought on “Four New Photography Sets

  1. I think I should just learn to do stuff with yarn — it would be cheaper – I could just buy all of your stuff!

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