Bad Daddy Rattles

If you have a new baby, or friends with babies, or know a baby, you should check out this website!

Bad Daddy Rattles

They sell unique and modern teething rattles made of non-toxicdomestic and exotic hard woods that are safe for your baby.  They dont use any stains or paint, just a double filtered food grade safe beeswax to keep babies saliva from soaking into the wood.  Their rattles are certified safe complying with the guidlines of the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commision).  Here are some examples of the rattles:

I had not heard of this company until I did the beard hat giveaway last month and one of the artists contacted me about a product swap.  I am so glad she did because these teething rattles are so fun and unique.  I got one of the dark colored and yellow rattles and was very impressed with them when I received the package.  Of course, I dont have a baby yet, but will save them for that day.  But also intend to buy some for upcoming showers too.  Go check out the website to find out more about the artists, the teething rattles and some of their other products.

Thanks again Sarah for sharing your rattles with me, they are great!!


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