Flowers Everywhere, Flowers In My Hair!

Well friends, I have been a busy bee the last few weeks so here comes a series of pre-posting to show you what I have been up to. 

First up, FLOWERS!

I have been making lots of flower clip sets lately and having lots of fun with it.  So far, I have just made thetwo and three layered  rose style flowers, but will make other types soon.  Some pictured below are two layered without buttons and some are three layered with buttons.  I am selling them in sets of 5 at my Etsy store and they come with two alligator clips.  You attach the flower to the clip by simply slipping the clip through two loops on the back of the flower.  This way, they are interchangeable for your outfit or occasion. 

Two layered flowers:  2″ wide

Three layered flowers:  3″ wide

The clips work well for babies with lots of hair of course (unlike how I was when I was a baby), or you can also clip them to headbands for your beautiful bald baby girls 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, they work well for girls of all ages too!  I have been wearing them alot this past week and really love them!  A nice little girly touch to my outfits and keep the hair out of my face when I need to 🙂

I have only a few color sets posted in Etsy but can make virtually any color you would like, just email or convo me in Etsy!


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