Seven Layer Greek Dip

This is a wonderful new twist to an old classic party dish, the layered dip.  I have always only had a Mexican layered dip until last month.  My sister brought me a Food Network magazine at Thanksgiving with this recipe in it and I just recently got around to making it.  I only made a few changes 1. because I dont like Kalamata olives or iceberg lettuce and 2.  I always like more seasoning than a recipe suggests, usually.  This would be a great dish to bring to a party because it feeds many people.  But you also just make a personal serving size as well.  It just takes about 30 minutes of preparation for the whole dish.


20 oz Hummus (2 containers)

1 lb Ground Lamb Meat

1/2 red onion

10-12 Campari tomatoes (5-6 Romas)

3-4 oz Feta cheese

2 cups chopped fresh spinach

140z tzatziki dip

2 Tbs Greek seasoning

Pita chips/bread or toasted tortilla strips

*Large glass dish for layering.  I think a 9 x 13 would be best so the layers arent too think.


1.  Brown lamb meat in skillet with Greek Seasoning

2.  While meat is browning, chop all veggies

3.  Assemble layers in dish as follows from bottom to top:

 hummus, seasoned lamb meat, tzatziki sauce, spinach, tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese

4. Serve room temperature or cold.

**One warning, the tomatoes cause the dish to be a bit runny if it sits for long (like overnight). 

 See all the pretty layers



2 thoughts on “Seven Layer Greek Dip

    • I found tzatziki dip at walmart in where specialty cheese and hummus usually is. Refrigerated of course. And ground lamb was at Whole Foods from the butcher section. I am sure some of the other grocery stores would have it but I found it there first. You could always subsitute ground beef with the Greek seasoning. I bet it would taste the same.

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