Well blog friends and followers, I have been waiting a while to make this announcement as it has just become official with dates and my employers.  But my husband and I are about to pick up and move across the country to Salt Lake City!  It is bitersweet in many ways, and if you wish to read about the details, you can visit my family blog to do so.  But the jist is…we are moving for my husbands job and the move will take place in late June! 

So, in light of this, I am making a few changes regarding orders and my Etsy shop and what not to accomodate everything Matt and I will doing in preparation for this move and for when we first get to Utah. 

As of now, I am not going to take any more custom orders until after the move.  I havent decided the date yet of when I will accept custom orders again, but as soon as I do, I will let you all know, of course.  I have several orders scheduled right now and am booked until mid-June (along with a long “to-do” list of new items I want to make).  If I have already discussed an order with you, this doesnt apply to you, so dont worry.  I will definately complete your item(s) in the time frame we have discussed 🙂 

So with saying that, I am going to keep all my listings in Etsy up (as soon as I re-list them later this week) until the last possible moment and only leave them down for a short time during the week of the move.  I have many new items to add this week and in the coming weeks as well, so get ready for all the pre-posting madness that is about to occur with links to my shop!  And I will continue to do the montly giveaways so make sure you are checking on that, Mays giveaway still hasnt occured yet you know!!

*If you have any questions or anything, please feel free to email me at:

Thanks for all your continued love and support!


Shannon (and Matt)!



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