The Weekly Thread – Converse Style Booties Giveaway!

Alright folks, let the next giveaway commence.  For this months contest, there will be TWO winners (since I forgot about May)!!  And the prize this time is a pair of converse style baby shoes in your choice of size and color(s).  Each pair of shoes has a rubber colored sole, white toes, one star button on each outside ankle, and laces so they stay put on little feet!  Here are a few examples below that are currently for sale in my Etsy shop:




Miami Dolphins team colors

Your color choices are below and you can choose one or two colors.  If you choose two colors, it will be made like the example above.

Size options are:
Size 0-3 months: 3.25″ in length, 1.75″ tall
Size 3-6 months: 3.75″ in length, 1.75″ tall
Size 6-9 months: 4.25″ in length, 2.25″ tall
Size 9-12 months: 4.5″ in length, 2.25″ tall

So for this giveaway, all you have to do is comment on this blog post with your answer to this question:

What is your favorite summer vacation spot or getaway?

I am so glad it is getting warmer and have been looking forward to the summer weather for a while.  We have had an unusually wet winter and spring so a little warmth will be a good change!  But since I started the question, here is my favorite place to go to in the summer:

Waltonia Lodges near Kerville, TX.  It is a little place that is along the Guadalupe River in the Hill Country.  My husbands family has gone to this same exact place for 30+ years always during the first week of August for a relaxing week of family fun.  And I have been blessed to be able to go for the last 6 years or so.  Sadly, we are going to miss out this year due to our move to Utah but we hope they have lots of fun without us!! 

There is always lots of daily dips in the river…

baby animals of all kinds…

big family dinners on the big porch…

loads of silly pictures…

and trips to local stores for awesome purchases like this one, the hair hat or maybe even a duct tape wallet!

Lots of fun!


But back to the giveaway, the contest starts NOW and ends on June 8th at midnight!  As always, number generator will determine the two winners.  The winners will be announced following the end of the contest and contacted via email for their size and color choices. 

Thanks for playing and good luck!



16 thoughts on “The Weekly Thread – Converse Style Booties Giveaway!

  1. I think mine is the Bend Oregon. Such a great town. So much to do and all around great people! P.S. Love the converse!

  2. We love going off roading in the summer, and prairie creek Alberta is one of our fab locations. We gather a bunch of friends and go for a week every year. It is such a blast

  3. After spending almost 4 years living where people vacation – i just love traveling with my family but am very much itching to get back to San Diego for a visit.

  4. My favorite getaway hideout is Trial Lake or any lake for that matter. I love camping, being outdoors, smelling like dirt and campfire. I’m just itching to go out and put my new tent to use.

  5. My husband’s family has a cabin in Platoro, CO that his grandparents built in the 50s. My in-laws restored it when they were newlyweds and they took my husband starting when he was a newborn. It has no electricity or running water and it’s a nice cool break from the hot summer. I went the first summer we were dating and we’ve continued to go (minus two years because of grad school). This year we’re taking our 2-year-old for the first time!

  6. My family’s favorites are: Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels and Six Flags Feista Texas in San Antonio. We have made so many wonderful memories at both of these locations. As long as I’m in a swimsuit and the sun is shining, I’m happy!

  7. I missed the cut off, were. Still wanted to let you know they ate precious, and I will be siding a pair to my props collection as soon as I can decide on colors!


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