Okay, first of all…as you can see my business name and logo has chaged AGAIN!  So I will start off by saying sorry to change on you again and break my promise of no changing but it was for a really good reason. 

Now, here’s the story:

So, last January I launched my new name and logo, finally decided to start a Facebook page and went full force into my Etsy shop.  And as many know I was SOOOOOOOO excited about it!!  I spent countless hours (over a period of a couple of days and a giant snow storm) designing the logo, setting up the Facebook page, loading hundreds of pictures, changed my craft blog and personal blog to reflect the new name and logo and got everything all set up and started advertising.  Then, I realized a fatal mistake shortly there after…I had come up with a name that was in the process of getting a registered trademark!!!

What a dummie!!!

How could I not think of this? 

How could I not look it up properly and make sure that it wasnt taken, by a large United States Company no less? 

It hit me like a ton of bricks about a week after all of my work was finished.  That “Loops and Threads” was not only a great name for my store, but also the name of a line of yarn that is sold and made by Michaels! 


I dont know how I didnt realize this before all my work was finished, but I didnt.  I have bought the yarn once before, but dont use it because I dont like it.  All I checked for was a .com name (which didnt exist) and thought I was good to go.  Well, needless to say, I have now learned a lot about copyright and what not.  I guess I can call it an educational experience.  Silver lining right??

So, as you can imagine, I had to figure out what to do.  I definately wasnt trying to compete with Michaels, nor do I think I am “viral” enough to even matter to them, but I dont want it to ever be a concern so that is why I have decided to make yet another change to my business name and logo. 

I have thought long and hard about names and everything for months and after much agony with different names and with the help of my loving husband, have come up with a name I love, a logo I designed and love, and most importantly, NO ONE HAS IT!!!


There are of course other “owl” this that and the others, but no Urban Owl Knitterys or any “Urban Owl” knit type stores of any kind!


So, there you have it, I am now officially Urban Owl Knittery and everything else is the same 🙂

* I hope that you will not quit following me due to this change and if you would be so kind, help me spread the word about my Facebook page.  In the process of this change, I lost about 50 followers to a technical problem with Facebook and would like to get them back and more.   This mostly affected my friends but it would be awesome to keep my followers growing.  After our move to Utah (which is ever pressing and occurs in TWO WEEKS), I will be going part time at work and will be able to devote more time to my knitting, blogging, giveaways, advertising and will hopefully keep growing.  I have already started working on specialy labels for my knits and new business cards.  SO EXCITED!!! 

With more sales, means more coupons and giveaways so please spread the word.  And make sure to check that you were not affected by this change and re-like my page if you were.  You can link to my Facebook page at the right of my blog or click on this link:  Urban Owl Knittery

Thanks so much for your constant support!

Shannon 🙂


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