Artist Profile – Kirsten Lee Photography

Everyone meet Kirsten!  She is a photographer based in the Atlanta, Georgia area and she does it all people.  Allthough her specialty is families and children, she enjoys doing any kind of photography and has turned her love and passion for photography into her second job, her first being a mommy to Jay and Payton!

 I asked Kirsten a few questions to help us to get to her a little better:

What is it about photography that you love so much? 


“I love being able to capture memories for other people that they can keep for a life time.  I have always been an artist since I was young.  I majored in Studio Art and Psychology in college and soon realized that wasn’t going to cut it.  I really wanted to be an Art Therapist but people really didn’t even know what that was.  So I went to graduate school and became a Special Education Preschool teacher.  I was always crafty and artsy with my students and photography was always a hobby at home.  After being in education for 7 years, I decided to stay home with my two kids; Payton (3) and Jay (1).  I love being home with them and feel blessed that I’m a part of their daily lives!   Now that I was home, I decided to take my hobby and turn it into a business.   I wanted to take my passion of capturing sweet memories for my own family and help do that for other families as well!”

What kinds of challenges do you run into with your photography? 

“I’m always studying the new things out in the world of photography.  I think that it is important to create your own “look” and just be inspired by other artists out there.”

What is the newest thing you are working on?

Custom cards.  I love designing and being artistic!  Taking my pictures and creating birthday invites, birth announcements, and much more.  I give digital copies so people can take them and print them like a photo and not spend a ton on printing costs.”

What is some advice you would give to other small independant artists/business owners? 

“Start small and with low overhead costs.  My husband is a business man, so he encouraged me to set 1, 3, and 5 year goals for myself.”

Aside from photography, what is your favorite past time/activity?

“Love to be outside and active.  I’m all about a good walk with the double stroller.  I’m very fond of my People magazine.  It comes every Friday and it is my guilty pleasure.”

What is your favorite recipe?

“Gees, that’s hard.  I tend to just make stuff up when I cook.  I would say my Great Aunt Pauline’s Yeast Rolls.  I don’t even have the recipe; my mother has to tell me.  They are so yummy, I ate four of them the last time my mom made them.”

Me being a big sports fan I always like to know who others follow.  If you watch sports, what is your favorite team?


“Well, I’m from the Atlanta area so I would say the Braves.  I always went when I was a kid with my Dad. Now that I’m married to a true Chicago man, I might lean towards to the Cubs too” 🙂

What is your alltime favorite vacation spot?

“There are so many! I’m such a beach girl but would love to also go back to Napa Valley with my husband.  We went there on our honeymoon.  Sunshine, wine, and cheese. Who wouldn’t like that?!?”

Okay, and the most important question of all, where can we find you on the web?




Thanks so much for sharing this interview with me Kirsten and for all the beautiful images you have shared with me! 


4 thoughts on “Artist Profile – Kirsten Lee Photography

  1. What a great interview! I would hire Kirsten in a heart beat! What a great combo of talent, passion and love of people! You really stand out! You are the best!

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