Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Before you toss this recipe to the side because its…Brussels, read on and consider giving it a try.  It is so very delicious, and a great way to try brussels if you have been too scared to in the past. 

Until about 3 years ago, I NEVER wanted to try brussels and only did because I looked up a recipe and made them for my father-in-law for part of his birthday dinner.  They were roasted in the oven and smelled so delicious I had to try them.  And guess what, I LOVED them!  This recipe is very similiar and even more delicious.  My mom shared it with me, and I am so glad she did.  We didnt have an exact recipe to go off of but this is what we made up.  It is my new favorite veggie side dish to make!


8 oz brussel sprouts

1/2 cup pine nuts

4 garlic cloves (1 large elephant clove or about 2.5 tbs miced garlic)

2-3 tbs olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


1.  Shred brussel sprouts with food processsor, grater, or if you dont have either available like we didnt, cut by hand like this below:

2.  Heat oil in pan and add pine nuts.  Keep stiring until they start to turn a bit brown. (I think this was a bit too  much oil in this batch).

3.  Add garlic and continue to cook until both the garlic and pine nuts are roasted.  They will looked brown and seared like this:

4.  Add chopped/shredded brussel sprouts and a little more oil if needed.  Continue to mix and stir well until brussels are completely cooked.  They will be tender when you pierce them with a fork or you can always try a bite! You can cover them to spead up the process if needed.

5.  Add salt and pepper to taste and emjoy with some tilapia for a healthy and fulfilling meal!  YUM!

Note:  These do actually reheat pretty well so if you had a little extra you could save it and use for a side dish another day. 


2 thoughts on “Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts

  1. HI, Shannon. Bet you’re in the middle of your move to Utah. You only have two or so years of collected stuff (at least since you moved from OKC) and I had 41 years and 3 kids stuff collected when we moved the 1st of March this year. Anyway, hope the move is just what you and Matt need. I love Brussels Spouts. I saw the food tv program (well the woman’s name slips my mind) Oh the Countess I think, and she did roasted B.R.s on one of her programs and I tried it. Loved it. I forget to buy them sometimes. I love roasted veggies (cooked the same way)–just about any veggie will do. Thanks for this recipe. Joan

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