My new Strung By Color Goodies!


I got my goodies in the mail a couple of days ago and was SOOOO excited to see them!  I know I have blogged a bit about this gal before, but you should definately check her out if you are interested in some fun necklaces, DIY craft tutorials, and other crafty inspiration!  Her name is Jenny and her you can visit her blog, here!  She is on the threshold of opening her Etsy store so stay tuned for that.

In the meanwhile, check out my goodies:

 Such cute packaging!  She uses left over ribbon, paper, packing, etc to make the packaging as well as the main material in her jewelry.  I should do this when I can because I have TONS of scrapbooking supplies that are sitting around unused!

And here are my necklaces:

This is a pretty terrible picture of me but a good one of my hubby and new necklace!  This was Friday night at our last Cardinals game before we move 😦

Thanks again Jenny!  I love them!

*Maybe sometime soon I will get around to necklace making with crochet accessories.  It is on my infamous “TO DO” list of things I want to make.


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