Im back and better than ever!

Hey friends!

Many of you knew by now, but in case you didnt, my husband and I have just moved from St. Louis to Salt Lake City.  So in light of all the craziness that has occured the last several weeks, I have terribly neglected blogging and facebooking.

But the good news is, I’m back and will hopefully not neglect my blog the badly for a long while!

In addition to preparation for the move, actually moving, and unpacking…I have been a busy bee completing many orders.  So I thought I would just hit you hard with lots of pics in one post rather than all spread out in many posts.

These little guys are some owl potholders for a college friend of mine.  I LOVE them and plan to make many more in sets of 2, 3 or 4.

Apple protectors for your purse.

( this is a great item to make when you have lots of yarn scraps)

*I think I am going to do a tutorial/pattern for this on here soon.

This is an elf bonnet for a little newborn about to make his/her appearance any day now.  The mom is a photographer and requested this item.  I cant wait to see it on the baby.  They dont know the gender so she chose a good neutral gray.

 Chicago Bears Earflap Hats

Gray and purpler flower earflap hat

Ruffles & Bows hat with matching ballet slippers.

Billed beanie in grape

Billed beanie in sky (with or without buttons) and matching loafers

Bow ties

*I love these ties but am going to change the clip.  I dont like the ones I have been using.  They are not user friendly with wiggly babies 🙂

Ties and diaper cover photography set

 Fraternal twins photography set

Twin girls shower gift set

Just the shoes 🙂

Boy and girl sock monkey sets!

*there have been sooo many twins lately, I cant believe it!!

Sandals and butterfly hair clips in rose and violet

Birthday Hats!!

 *I love these hats but need to figure out a way to make them stay standing up better for tiny guys and gals.  I have a few ideas I think will work but havent had time to try them yet.

Whew!! In addition to these items, I made about 8 ish pairs of little converse shoes too!  Needless to say, Matt has been requested to rub my fingers more than once lately 🙂

As always, if you are interested in any of these items, check out the store or email me at  Most items can be adjusted to different sizes and made in almost any color.  If you want to see more pictures, I have uploaded them to my facebook page.  And while your there, become a fan of the page if you havent done so already!

I’m so glad to be back and make sure you keep checking back in the next day or so because the July giveaway has yet to occur!!!


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