Delicious and Easy BBQ sauce

I have been meaning to post this for a few days but forgot.

Last week, as I do often, came home from work, opened the fridge, and tried to get some inspiration of what to make for dinner from essentially nothing 🙂 I have been really bad about grocery shopping in a timely fashion lately.

I decided to heat up a rotisserie chicken with my favorite bbq sauce.  and make the brussel sprouts recipe that I have posted about before.

Now, normally, I am super picky about barbeque sauces so when I discovered this recipe for the turkey meatloaf, I decided this would be my new staple sauce from now on until I found something I liked better.  Its so simple and so delicious.

Just mix 2 parts ketchup with 1 part balsamic vinegrette and 1 part pure maple syrup.

Thats all.

Sweet, tangy and delicious!

Put on anything and everything you would use barbeque for. We had leftover chicken that night and made a barbeque chicken pizza smothered in jack cheese later that week.  And even had enough for some sandwiches for lunch one day.

Try it, I double dog dare you too 🙂


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