Everyone does something stupid now and again…

Or in my case, again and again!

Earlier this week, I had a yarn E-MER-GEN-CY!

The day started out pretty regularly.  I woke up, got started on some projects and when I knew the yarn stores were opening, I got ready to go and get supplies I was out of.  Made my list, grabbed the Lucy monster and headed to the southside of town.

Lets back up for a moment…So, as soon as we heard we were moving to SLC, I hopped on google maps to see if they had Micheals, Jo-Anns, and HobLob here because I use certain yarns that is only available at one of these stores and not at all.  So I didnt worry about buying lots before we moved.

Thursday, I had to go and replinish some of my yarns for orders that came in last week and thought it would be no problem to just run to HobLob and get what I needed.  Much to my surprise, I got there, looked around for 30 minutes and didnt find ANY of the yarns I was looking for but still managed to be so much that I didnt need!!

I went across town to the only other HobLob…same thing…no yarn that I needed.   I checked Joann’s just in case, and not surprising that they didnt have it either.  So, what did I do, the only logical thing that came to mind.

Call this girl (my sis…the one on the right):

Lets call her my EYT – emergency yarn technician

…who lives in Oklahoma, have her go on her lunch break and buy this yarn for me, mail it 2 day delivery so that I could get it in time, make the products and mail to the customers!!!! Whew!

The main reason I asked her to do this was because I got my first international order a few days prior to these events and I didnt have time to order it regularly. Wouldnt you know that would happen?

So, without hesitation, she so lovingly did all these things for me.  But alas, it was all for naught.

Later that day, I decided to look up the yarns I needed and give HobLob a call to see if they had these things.  The lady said she did and I proceeded to go to a yarn store for the FOURTH time in one day, all the way across town to get said yarn.  Again, I didnt see it but just as I was about to tell someone I received false information, somehow, happened to notice what I was missing on my way out!  WHAT!  How could I have missed that before?

Well not that it is a good excuse or anything, but it was all above my eye level where I couldnt see it and apparently I didnt search as well as I thought!

What    A   Dummie!

So to top the day off just right, we made an impromptu trip to wally word next door (that we had procrastinated for about 2+ weeks and had to wait “next in line” for at least 30 minutes on some ladies doing price matching with coupons with the slowest cashier I have encountered in quite a while!

And right on schedule, my not-so-emergency  yarn came in two days later!

Thanks for dropping everything for me Shay!  Next time I will try harder to make sure it really is an emergency before I call you 🙂

*Thursday was a good day filled with reminders to not be in such a rush all the time and enjoy the moment.  If I had done so, I might have never had such an “emergency” in the first place!


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