The Weekly Thread – My Etsy-versary!

Thats right people!

Its been ONE.WHOLE.YEAR since I started the Etsy shop.

I cant believe it AND I cant believe how blessed I am that it has gone so well to this point.  When I look at the stuff I now know how to make, compared to when I first learned 3 years ago, it amazes me that I have grown so much in my abilities in such a short time.  I dont say that to be conceited, but to give thanks to God for giving me the talent and ability to be creative!  I would also like to thank Joanne, again, for turning me on to what is now my passion and somewhat, an obsession!

Not many people get to do what they love for a job and I am counting my blessings and thanking God that he has put me in the position that I can do just that!  I would also like to thank my sweet husband, Matty, for working so hard so that I can make this my part time career now and my full time career someday.  He helps me in so  many ways and I love him dearly!!

This past year, I have learned so much, and grown so much as a creative artist and “business owner.”  And it couldnt have been without the special loved ones in my life AND all you guys!  Granted, I have much to learn, but I am glad I finally took the plunge, swallowed up my worries and got things going last September 28th, 2010.  This month has been a record month for sales for me and as a thank you, I would like to do a special Etsy-versary giveaway for October.

This time, I am giving away FIVE, count ’em, FIVE prizes!  The winners will have a choice of a 20% off coupon towards a single item purchase in my Etsy shop or one free item ($15 value or less) from the shop.

I am borrowing a few ideas from Kirsten Lee Photography for some entry options this time.  I like the idea of giving more entries for people that share the love in other venues!

To enter this contest: 

 Comment on this post and tell me at least one thing you would like to see in the shop?  (1 entry)

Additional ways to enter:

1.  Like my Facebook page, if you havent already and let me know you did so on this post.  If you have already liked my FB page, that still counts, just tell me you did on here.  (1 entry)

2.  Post a link to this giveaway on your own FB page & tell me you did so on here.  (1 entry)

3.  Post a link to this giveaway on your own blog & tell me you did so on here.(1 entry)

4.  Tweet a link to this giveaway on your twitter account & tell me you did so on here. (1 entry)

**So thats a total of FIVE possible ways to enter into this contest!!!! 

Just make sure you tell me in your comment on the blog post here how many things you did so I can give you the correct amount of entries when it comes time to decide the winner.  As always, I will draw the winner using and will announce the winner as soon as the contest is over.


Thanks so much again to all of you who have given me words of encouragement, bought items, volunteered to be guinea pigs for my new designs, sent me pictures to use, spread the word about my stuff, given me ideas for new products and in all the other ways you have encouraged me.  I truly LOVE what I do and look forward to making more improvements and advances in the coming year.  My first hurdle will be to become an official LLC!!!

*Many, many thanks to all the incredibly talented photographers who have sent me all these lovely images to use on my websites!  I adore ALL of them!

You can check out their websites below and they are also linked to on my sidebar:

Mandy Stansberry Photography

Kirsten Lee Photography

D.Lei Photography

Courtney Waugh Photography

Capture 1000 Words Photography

A Cherry On Top Photography

and a few friends who just love taking pictures:

Christine Geiger, Jen Cassity, and Bopha Gambill

You guys are all so wonderful 🙂


22 thoughts on “The Weekly Thread – My Etsy-versary!

  1. Well – I guess I would like to see some sock monkey booties in your shop so others can see how cute they are!!

  2. You know I already like your Facebook page! Who wouldn’t! Oh and I saw baby leg warmers listed too! Madison’s infant ones ruled! You should totally sell some – and Madison loves wearing them now – OK she doesn’t care but I love them on her so you totally should sell them!

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  4. I would like to see more headband/hair accessories for baby girls. Our daughter only has peach fuzz for hair at 5 months old!

  5. So glad my little sister Brittany told me about you and your site. Nebraska winters get REALLY cold so I will need to stock up with lots of your goodies! One thing? Gosh you cover so much already…maybe some sweaters for dogs. I have a chihuahua (5 lbs fully grown) and she’s ALWAYS freezing. She doesn’t like to put sweaters on, but once I get it on her, she loves it (just no hoods or bulky necks).

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